Private Investigator from New Orleans has started using JSR Technology

Probably each of us has watched a TV show or a movie about people who work as private investigators for a business person or a company. And many of us still believe that private investigators are people who follow wives and husbands who are thought to be committing adultery. Even if all of this is true in a way, there is much more to discover about a private investigator industry.  A private investigator from New Orleans has started using JSR Technology to help in the field.

As common definition states, a private detective (PI) or a private detective is a person who can be employed by individuals or companies to provide investigatory law services.

Many PI’s works for insurance companies and investigates suspicious claims, while others prefer to specialize in several fields of expertise simultaneously, including child custody, adultery, and infidelity, criminal defense, child custody, just to name a few.

Typically, private detectives don’t have fixed working hours. They work according to the needs of their case that may require surveillance or instant response, and the necessary people may not be available during the normal working hours. PIs used to work in the morning, on weekends, on holidays, and whenever needed.

Usually, private investigators companies which are in high demand provide services such as criminal defense investigation, counter surveillance, hidden cameras, GPS tracking, adultery and infidelity investigation, database research, child custody, digital forensics, etc. Moreover, make sure the company you choose to deal with is licensed so that you can trust them.

Normally most private detectives are former police officers, military investigators, law enforcement officers, government agents as well as representatives working in the field of accounting, finance, insurance, law, etc. These people can easily become PIs due to their experience and knowledge that can be applied in a related investigatory activity.